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We offer a wide range of packaging and filling solutions, no matter how different your projects are, our professional perspective will provide you with the best solution.

Automatic machine type

food packaging machine

Food packaging is the first choice, divided into doypack packaging machines, vertical form-fill-seal machines and flow packing machines.

filling machine

Most filling machines are used for liquid materials such as sauces, pastes and drinks. Medical and pharmaceutical products require more accuracy and standards when filling.

Pharmaceutical packaging (or drug packaging) is the packaging and packaging processes for pharmaceutical preparations. It includes all processes from manufacturing through the distribution channels for pharmaceuticals to the end user.

cartoning machine

Secondary packaging

Our fully automatic, servo-controlled cartoners are versatile enough to handle a variety of carton shapes and flap closures with the precision and gentle packaging handling you need to protect the products inside.

turnkey integrated packaging

Turnkey integrated packaging

Planning packaging lines is a test of the true strength of a machine factory. With the experience of our engineers and cooperation with our salespeople, we can undoubtedly offer excellent solutions!

Additional equipment helps the machine perform its task better. Our specific additional equipment improves the efficiency of filling and packaging and reduces the error rate.


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