Fruit and vegetable processing equipment

We offer a wide range of fruit and vegetable processing equipment. No matter how different your projects are, our professional perspective will provide you with the best solution.

fruit core removing machine

Fruit pitting machine

Automatic Fruit Pitting Machine is used to remove pits/seeds/stones from various fruits such as apricots, peaches, olives, kale, plums, etc.

cherry pitting machine

Cherry stoner

With our cherry pitting machine, various fruits such as cherries, dates, plums, olives, hawthorn, etc. can be pitted quickly and easily.

automatic apple peeling machine

Automatic apple peeling machine

Controlled by PLC system, the automatic apple peeling machine can complete peeling, coring and slicing at one time, with high peeling rate and wide application.

multi functional fruit peeling machine

Multifunctional fruit peeling machine

For peeling spherical fruits and vegetables, our multifunctional fruit peeling machine is a good choice because it is suitable for many kinds of products to complete peeling, final cutting, coring, slicing, separating and color retaining.

automatic sorting machine

Automatic sorting machine

The automatic fruit and vegetable sorting machine can sort various fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, apples, pears, tomatoes, etc. The sorting degree can be adjusted, high speed and high output.

pomegranate peeling machine

Pomegranate peeling machine

Our pomegranate peeling machine is widely used for peeling and crushing many kinds of fruits for beverage pretreatment.


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microwave fruit drying machine

Fruit drying device for the microwave

This microwave fruit dryer can process various fruits and is characterized by high efficiency, large capacity and easy operation.

hot air fruit drying machine

Hot air fruit vegetable drying machine

The hot air circulation fruit and vegetable drying machine features low energy consumption and high hot efficiency, as well as reliable and safe operation. It is used for drying various materials.

processing line for washing and peeling fruit and vegetables

Processing line for washing and peeling fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable washing and peeling processing line is used for washing and peeling fruits and vegetables. High efficiency, large production and excellent product quality.

fruit&vegetable slicing machine

Fruit and vegetable cutting machine

The fruit and vegetable cutting machine is designed for cutting many kinds of fruits and vegetables in a circular shape. The finished products have a smooth surface and are not broken.

air drying machine

Air drying machine

The air drying machine is used for cooling and drying packaged food in a short time, easy operation, high efficiency and low noise.

water bubble vegetable washing machine

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garlic grading production line

Production line for sorting garlic

Our garlic sorting line features wide application for various small vegetables and fruits, 5 sorting sizes and no damage to the product, making it a good choice for industrial sorting processes.

garlic peeling machine

Garlic peeling machine

The garlic peeling machine is designed for peeling garlic cloves in a fully automatic dry peeling process.

garlic peeling production line

Garlic peeling production line

The garlic processing line is the complete solution for separating, peeling and deep processing of garlic.

garlic slicing machine

Garlic cutting machine

This type of garlic slicer is mainly used for slicing garlic, ginger and many other solid vegetables.

garlic bulb separating machine

Machine for separating garlic bulbs

The garlic bulb separator is designed to separate the bulbs into cloves in an efficient and clean way.

ginger slicing machine

Ginger cutting machine

The ginger cutting machine is characterized by high precision and low errors, the ginger slices it processes are uniform and smooth, and the thickness of the slices can be conveniently adjusted

ginger shredding machine

Ginger crusher

The ginger cutting machine is not only suitable for cutting ginger, but also other vegetables and fruits into pieces or strips. High precision, large capacity and low energy consumption.

onion processing line

Onion processing line

The automatic onion processing line can complete the whole process of onion root cutting and onion peeling with high efficiency.

onion root cutting machine

Onion root cutting machine

This onion root cutting machine can be used as a single machine for onion processing, and can also be used with onion peeling machine as a high capacity combined onion processing line.

fried onion rings production line

Production line for fried onion rings

We manufacture crispy onion making machines to help customers start their crispy onion business. Equipped with high performance, labor saving, easy operation and suitable for large scale fried onion production, fried onion production is worth the investment.

automatic onion peeling machine

Automatic onion peeling machine

Automatic peeling work, high peeling efficiency, no damage, good peeling effect, the fully automatic onion peeling machine can be used for onions of all sizes and has no requirements on the moisture, firmness and thickness of the onion peel.

screw potato peeling washing machine

Auger potato peeling washing machine

The screw feeding potato washing peeling machine is used for washing and peeling the potatoes. It features a screw feed design that ensures the potato automatically moves forward in the peeling machine.

brush potato washing peeling machine

Brush potato washing peeling machine

The potato peeling machine with brush roller is used for cleaning, washing and peeling stems, root vegetables and fruits. Such as potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, ginger, radish, taro, kiwis, etc.

mushroom slicing machine

Mushroom cutting machine

The mushroom cutting machine can process soft vegetables, edible mushrooms and fresh seaweed into silk or flakes, and features the rule of shape and smooth cross-section which are favored by users.

multifunctional vegetable cutting machine

Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine

The vegetable cutting machine is used to cut various vegetables into cubes, threads, slices, strips and other shapes by changing the blades.

vegetable dicing machine

Vegetable dicer

Vegetable dicing machines are mainly used for cutting vegetables and fruits into cubes and cuboids, such as potatoes, tomatoes, onions, radishes, carrots, apples, pears and some others.

vegetable cutting machine

Root vegetable cutting machine

The root vegetable cutting machine can cut various root vegetables individually into slices, schnitzels and strips, and the thickness and size can be freely adjusted.

chili cutting machine

Chili cutting machine

Chili cutting machine can cut, shred and circle the pepper into sections, also it can remove the pepper head and stem. Environmental protection, energy saving, high production efficiency.

vegetable cleaning line

Vegetable cleaning line

We can customize turnkey projects for processing various root and leafy vegetables. The vegetable processing line includes washing, picking, cutting, rinsing, dewatering and packing vegetables.

heat pump dryer machine

Heat pump dryer

The energy-efficient heat pump dehydrator can continuously dry all kinds of food, fruits and vegetables. The color, gloss and shape of the food remain unchanged.

bean sprout machine

Bean sprout machine

The bean sprout machine can automatically produce large capacity bean sprouts in a short time and is the ideal equipment for germinating bean and seed varieties.

vegetable mud cutting machine

Vegetable mud cutting machine

The vegetable sludge cutting machine is suitable for cutting various vegetables and fruits into sludge or plasma, is easy to operate and produces high yields.

vegetable water cooling machine

Vegetable water cooling machine

The food and vegetable dishwasher is used for water cooling and rinsing food and vegetables after blanching. It is mainly used in the production line, the size can be customized.

microwave vegetable dehydrator

Microwave vegetable dehydrator

The microwave vegetable drying machine is a range of special appliances used for drying fresh or seasonal vegetables.

microwave sterilization ripening equipment

Microwave sterilization/maturation equipment

Microwave sterilization/ripening equipment is suitable for drying flowers, sterilizing and ripening nuts, sterilizing spices, etc. 30-50 % Electricity saving.

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