Ice cream machine

Lintyco focuses on various types of ice cream machines for sale. These include machines such as the double pan ice cream machine, single pan ice cream machine, hard ice cream machine, vertical and counter soft ice cream machines, an ice cream making machine and a slush machine.

fried ice cream machine double pans

Double pan fried ice cream machine

The double pan fried ice cream machine is used to make ice cream and ice cream with different flavors such as fruit and porridge into fried ice cream.

fired ice cream pan machine (single pan)

Burnt Ice Cream Pan Machine (Single Pan)

Ice cream fired pan machine can make ice cream, make ice cream from scratch. The round pan is specially designed for making ice cream rolls.

hard ice cream machine

Hard ice cream machine

The hard ice cream machine is designed to produce excellent hard ice cream evenly and efficiently. Highly efficient rapid cooling evaporator.

vertical soft ice cream maker machine

Vertical soft ice cream maker machine

Vertical soft ice cream machine equipped with a computer control system is ideal for any restaurant, hotel and ice cream shop, etc.

countertop ice cream machine

Countertop ice cream machine

The counter soft ice cream machine is the most popular type of soft ice cream machine which is characterized by easy operation and long service life.

ice cream maker

Ice machines

Designed to make high quality ice cubes and equipped with imported main machine device, patent ice mold and microcomputer automatic control system.

slush machine

Slush machine

Adopted commercial refrigeration technology, full computer control, and a temperature control system, the slush machine machine can produce both slush and juice.


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