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Drying food is one of the oldest methods of preserving food for later use. With modern dehydrators, drying fruits and vegetables becomes easy work.

Minced meat, also called minced meat, is meat that is finely minced using a meat grinder or meat cutter and is generally used for sausage, bologna, meatballs, ham, hot dog, meatball, meat pie, etc.


Peanut products in America

Peanuts are a nutritious, protein-rich food that can be prepared with little effort or eaten raw and are popular among all ages in America.

Nuts contain heart-healthy omega-3 oils and a large amount of fiber. Usually people prefer to eat roasted nuts because there is nothing better than a handful of roasted nuts with rich flavor.

Nuts are a type of fruit consisting of a hard shell and/or soft shell, so nuts are sometimes shelled and/or peeled to further process them and improve their taste.

Sausage making is a traditional food preservation technique of preserving food by casing, binding, smoking, drying or curing the minced meat.

Nowadays, smoking is no longer just used for red meat and fish, but is also used for many other meat products. Usually the meat is marinated before smoking, seasoning meat is the necessary step before smoking.

Potato chips are a great treat, and the potato machines help you enjoy this globally popular snack product. which is popular all over the world.

The puffed snack made by puff snack machines is a kind of food with crunchy taste that is enjoyed by many people.

There's nothing better than popcorn for a movie night. To make this leisure snack, you need a fancy popcorn machine.

Cookies are a delicious treat and perfect for everyone. You just need to mix flour, shape and bake, then you can enjoy them.

The fish balls are a kind of traditional food with delicious taste made by fish ball machines. They can be fried, stewed, boiled or served in a soup.


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onions deep processing technology

Onions deep processing technology

Onions can be processed into various onion products, such as: Such as onion paste, dehydrated onion slices and powder, onion essential oil and various flavors onion, etc., and processed onion products have great prospects.

garlic deep processing industry

Garlic deep processing industry

Garlic can be divided into hard-necked and soft-necked varieties. It can be made into garlic flakes, garlic powder, garlic oil, etc. Measures will be taken to...
Deodorization taken to avoid garlic smell.

Chicken feet cooking methods are a bit complicated, and there is one thing that needs to be done: peeling the chicken claws, but you can choose the chicken feet peeling machine to do this work.

Baking bread in a hot air oven; Making patties with automatic hamburger patty machine; then you can enjoy delicious burgers with different flavors.

Ice cream is a deliciously cool treat on hot days. And why not try the ice cream maker to make it quick and easy.

The juice extracted from a juicing machine can provide you with a wealth of good nutrients including vitamins, potassium and magnesium.

There's nothing better than starting the day with a perfect cup of coffee. Coffee machines make enjoying coffee a joy.

There are different types of noodles with different flavors and pasta machines can help you make different noodles easily and quickly.

Oilseed pressing is a mechanical process for extracting oil from raw or roasted oilseeds.

The essential oil is extracted from aromatic plants through essential oil extraction machines, which can help in distillation, extraction or expression etc. And produce extraction

Sugarcane is a skinned, cellular grass that produces a sweet juice. If you want to make fresh sugarcane juice from raw sugarcane stalks, you will need a sugarcane juicer.

Poultry eggs are one of the most common and versatile ingredients in the kitchen, hence the machines are in high demand to make the poultry eggs
manufacturing industry.

The Chinese steamed bun is one of the most important staples in Chinese cuisine. With a few simple steps you can enjoy this classic Chinese staple.

Baozi is the Asian equivalent of sandwiches in the West. With a hearty meat and vegetable filling, wrapped and steamed, they form a complete meal that can be eaten on the go.

Donuts are a great treat for breakfast, dessert or as a snack, and using donut machine you can make delicious donut with different flavors and toppings.

Dumplings are a classic favorite of many people and can be used as part of a variety of dishes. The dumpling machine makes it easy to make delicious dumplings.

To pray for good luck, the Chinese often eat rice on the 15th day of the first lunar month or the Lantern Festival of the first lunar month or the Lantern Festival, a treat
made from rice flour and various nuts and bean paste.

Egg tart is one of the delicacies found in some Asian countries, and most people love it as a meal and enjoy it with tea or coffee.

Sesame paste is used as a flavoring agent in many foods. To make sesame paste, you need sesame paste machines.

Making bread is very easy if you use the usual bread makers.

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