coffee machine

We offer a wide range of coffee machines. No matter how different your projects are, our professional perspective will provide you with the best solution.

coffee machine

Commercial coffee machine

This commercial coffee machine can meet people's different needs with the choice between hot and cold coffee button.

instant coffee vending machine

Instant coffee vending machine

This instant coffee vending machine offers different types to choose from, with the function of cold and hot drink switching.

capsule coffee maker

Capsule coffee machine

Use the capsule system to prepare fully brewed and delicious espresso coffee. It is also available for providing steam and hot water in low/tall cups.

multimedia instant coffee vending machine

Multimedia instant coffee vending machine

The multimedia instant coffee machine has a multimedia screen. It can also drink cold and hot coffee.

bean to cup coffee vending machine

Coffee machine from bean to cup

Are you ready to earn extra money with a fully automatic coffee machine? This bean coffee machine is a good choice and is characterized by easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance


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