Potato processing machines

The best potato processing machines include potato chip production line, banana chip production line, small french fry production line and potato chip baking line.

frozen french fries production line

Frozen french fries production line

There is a small french fry production line and a fully automatic frozen french fries production line, which can help you start or expand your french fries production business. Cost-effective and energy-saving.

automatic potato chips production line

Automatic potato chips production line

The customized capacity of this automatic potato chips production line is 60kg/h, 150kg/h and 300kg/h. The entire production line has a high level of automation and is a truly profitable investment.

automatic banana chips production line

Automatic banana chips production line

With the production line for fried banana chips, fresh bananas are processed into dry-fried banana chips fully automatically. The capacity ranges from 60 ke/h to 300 ke/h.

semi automatic potato crisps production line

Semi-automatic potato chip production line

Semi-automatic potato chips production line is your good choice to start your fast food business. A variety of processing capacity, labor saving and high profit.

small scale french fries production line

Small french fries production line

Semi-automatic frozen french fries production line is your economical choice for frozen french fries processing, which maintains the advantages of the previous production line and customers' feedback.

small production line for banana chips

Small banana chip production line

The semi-automatic banana chip production line is used to produce banana chips and plantain chips. 30kg/h, 6kg/h and 150kg/h banana chips plant to choose from. Good performance, lower investment costs


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compound potato chips frying line

Plant for frying compound potato chips

The automatic potato chip frying line is designed to produce potato chips using potato powder or potato flour as raw material. The finished compound potato chips have a uniform shape and a rich flavor.

potato chips baking line

Baking line for compound potato chips

The baked potato chips production line is based on the oil fried potato chips processing plant. It is used to produce non-fried potato chips using the baking process.

twist potato machine

Twist potato machine

The spiral potato cutter is specialized in producing twist potatoes with good taste and novel shape. Manual operation, good choice for snack street vending!

french fries frying machine

French fries frying machine

The potato washing and peeling machine is mainly used for cleaning and removing the peel from potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.

potato washing & peeling machine

Potato washing and peeling machine

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centrifugal dewatering machine

Centrifugal dewatering machine

The dewatering machine is widely used for dewatering (removing surface water) from vegetables and fruits after cleaning.

fried food deoiling machine

Fried food deoiling machine

Deep fried food deoiling machines are widely used to extrude the extra oil from food to ensure that the fried food tastes good and is healthier for the human body.

potato chips instant freezer

Potato Chips Instant Freezer

The instant potato chip freezer is used in the frozen french fry production line for freezing potato chips, french fries and other frozen instant foods. This freezer machine can save energy and costs significantly.

rotary drum potato chips seasoning machine

Rotary drum potato chips seasoning machine

The fully automatic rotary drum French fry flavor seasoning machine is used to add flavor to French fries, potato chips, banana chips, fried onion chips and other snacks.

brush potato washing peeling machine

Brush potato washing peeling machine

The potato peeling machine with brush roller is used for cleaning, washing and peeling stems, root vegetables and fruits. Such as potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, ginger, radish, taro, kiwis, etc.

screw potato peeling washing machine

Auger potato peeling washing machine

The screw feeding potato washing peeling machine is used for washing and peeling the potatoes. It features a screw feed design that ensures the potato automatically moves forward in the peeling machine.

automatic belt frying machine

Automatic belt frying machine

This belt frying machine is typically used for frying various types of foods in large capacity. Continuous, efficient and automatic.

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