Noodle processing machine

cookies machine

Automatic biscuit machine

The cookie machine is designed to produce many kinds of snacks and cookies with unique design. By changing the mold, the raw material can be squeezed out and formed into different cookie shapes.

duck bread making machine

Duck bread maker

The duck bread machine can produce more than a thousand pieces of duck bread per hour. By changing the mold, different sizes of flour bread can be made.

dumpling machine

Dumpling machine

This small size dumpling machine is of cute design with easy operation. Semi-automatic dumpling machine can highly improve working efficiency and save you trouble.

hot air bread oven

Hot air bread oven

The hot air circulation oven is widely used in many industries, especially in the production of bread and snacks.

fried instant noodle production line

Fried instant noodle production line

The instant noodle production line is equipped with PLC control. Efficient and labor-saving.

belt frying machine

Belt frying machine

This belt frying machine is typically used for frying various types of foods in large capacity. Continuous, efficient and automatic.


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rice ball machine

Rice ball machine

The rice glue ball machine is easy to operate, high production, low power consumption and elegant shape final product.

automatic pasta machine

commercial pasta machine

This multifunctional pasta machine can produce pasta, macaroni, pasta and various shapes snack food. And only one person can operate it without any problem.

pasta making line

Noodle making line

The capacity of the automatic macaroni line is 80 to 120 kg per hour. We can also customize solutions with other capacities.

automatic dumpling machine

Automatic dumpling machine

The automatic dumpling machine can automatically make dumplings, wontons, samosas and spring rolls by changing the mold.

donut making machine

Donut making machine

Turn donuts into dollars. Our donut machine is made in China but operated in numerous countries.

pizza cone machine

Pizza cone machine

With advanced Italian technology, the pizza cone equipment can help you make delicious cone pizza in large capacity. Ideal equipment for bakeries, western-style food stores, leisure food factories, etc.

dough roller machine

Dough sheeter

The dough rolling machine is the main equipment for noodle processing and can knead various crispy and flexible doughs.

dough kneader machine

Dough kneading machine

The dough kneading machine mixes wheat flour and water into the dough at a ratio of 1:0.38-0.45, adding some additional ingredients according to customer requirements.

flour mixing machine

Flour mixing machine

The flour mixing machine is suitable for storing types of powder such as flour, fried flour, juice powder, milk powder, grain powder, etc. Easy to use, high performance, wall stirling.

egg tart skin machine

Egg tart skin machine

The egg tart skin machine is made of stainless steel and is used for processing egg tart skin, with large capacity, stable performance and easy operation.

steamed bread machine

Steam bread machine

With the steam bread maker you can make round or square dough for steamed bread/buns/mantou.

rice noodle machine

Rice noodle machine

The rice noodle machine can not only make rice noodles, but also process various Chinese rice cakes.

steamed bun machine

Steamed bun machine

With the meat bun machine, you can make different delicious buns by simply changing different molds.

automatic noodle making machine

Automatic pasta machine

This automatic pasta machine can make both wide noodles and round noodles in four different sizes. Suitable for hotels, restaurants and food processing plants.

commercial noodle making machine

commercial pasta machine

The multifunctional noodle maker can complete the task of making Chinese noodles. The pasta machine is a practical and efficient pasta machine, widely used in restaurants, hotels and some other food industries.

dough divider rounder

Dough divider and rounder

The dough pieces processed by the dough divider circular cutter have the same weight and uniform appearance, and are an indispensable good helper for the bakery industry.

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