mobile food truck

We offer a wide range of food truck solutions. No matter how different your projects are, our professional perspective will provide you with the best solution.

electric tricycle rickshaw

Electric tricycle rickshaw

Glide through city streets with these eco-friendly, zero-emission beauties, offering a quiet, smooth ride that promises both comfort and style.

passenger electric rickshaw

Electric passenger rickshaw

Suitable for commuters, tourists and entrepreneurs alike, our electric three-wheel rickshaws redefine urban travel and make every trip an eco-conscious adventure.

high power electric tricycle car

High performance electric three wheel car

With advanced battery technology for longer rides and fast charging, it's not just a ride; it's a statement for a greener, cleaner planet.

capsule type food truck

Capsule food truck

This capsule-shaped food trailer offers you unlimited possibilities and solutions for your mobile food business. Marked metallic appearance. Mirror body, light and shadow flow, showing a dazzling shine.

concession food trailer

Concession food trailer

Concession food trailers are a popular type of various types of food vending carts. Convenient and flexible, cost-effective price.

electric mobile tricycle food cart

electric mobile tricycle food truck

The electric mobile three-wheel food truck is the most flexible and practical type. Low energy consumption and labor saving.


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electric food truck

Electric food truck

An electric food truck is like a mobile restaurant. The design of the truck provides ample space for processing and selling food.

hand push food cart

Food cart with hand push

The hand push food cart is an environmentally friendly street food cart suitable for business start-ups with low investment. You can choose a nearby location within a short distance.

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