Meat processing machines

We offer a wide range of meat processing machines and if you want a complete solution for meat processing and packaging, we have the right solution for you.

chicken feet peeling production line

Chicken feet peeling production line

LTC chicken feet peeling production line is a professional whole chicken feet peeling production line, easy to operate and high performance.

big chicken feet peeling machine

Large chicken feet peeling machine

The large chicken feet peeling machine is the best choice for the chicken feet food processing factory and plant because it can process the chicken in large capacity and high efficiency.

small chicken feet peeling machine

Small chicken feet peeling machine

The small chicken feet peeling machine is used for removing the skin of chicken feet, easy to operate, durable and high performance.

chicken feet cutting machine

Chicken feet cutting machine

Chicken feet cutting machines are used in pickled chicken feet industry. There are industrial chicken feet cutting machines and small chicken feet cutting machines.

feather removal machine

Poultry feather removal machine

The poultry removal machine can effectively tear off the feathers of chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, quails and other poultry or birds without hurting the poultry's skin.

meat dicing machine

Meat dicing machine

The meat dicing machine can precisely cut the meat into cubes, slices, threads and strips with high work efficiency. Adjustable cube size from 4mm to 30mm.


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frozen meat slicer

Frozen meat slicer

Frozen meat slicer can cut frozen meat like pork into slices of adjustable thickness. There is no need for thawing.

meat shredder machine

Meat mincing machine

Commercial meat grinders can cut fresh or thawed meat into strips, slices, chunks, and cubes.

stuffed meat ball machine

Stuffed Meatball Machine

The stuffed meatball machine is used to make all kinds of meatballs with filling. We can use the machine for any size meatballs as per your request.

meatball forming machine

Machine for forming meatballs

The meatball forming machine is mainly used to make chicken meatballs, fish meatballs, shrimp balls, beef meatballs, etc.

meat smoking machine

Meat Smoking Machine

Meat smoking machine is used for smoking sausage, fish, chicken, etc. The machine can be heated by electricity or steam.

patty macking machine

Patty machine

The patty making machine can complete filling, forming, sticking, dispensing and other processes automatically. It is suitable for different raw materials and can produce different products.

fish scaler machine

Fish scaler machine

A fish scale machine is used to automatically and hygienically remove fish scales. No damage to the fish body.

fish cutting machine

Fish cutting machine

Fish cutting machine can cut fish into fillet, segment, strip and block. Suitable for fresh fish, dry fish and slightly frozen fish.

fish deboner machine

Fish deboning machine

By pulling out the fish meat from the sieve hole, the fish deboning machine can separate the meat from the fish bone, saving labor and time.

fish speed cleaning machine

Fish quick cleaning machine

The fish speed cleaning machine is characterized by disassembling the fish back and removing the fish intestines, membrane cleaning, etc. The capacity reaches 2400 pieces/h.

sausage tying machine

Sausage tying machine

This sausage tying machine is easy to use and produces sausage with a capacity of 60 pieces/minute and an adjustable length of 30-300mm. A worker can operate it to reduce costs and increase profits.

bone crusher machine

Bone crusher machine

The bone crusher machine is used for crushing various kinds of fresh and dry animal bones, such as cattle bones, pig bones, sheep bones, etc. The powder fineness is 5-80 mm.

bowl chopper

Bowl chopper

The bowl chopper is used to cut meat into fine pieces and mix ingredients into the meat.

brine injector

brine injector

The brine injector is used to inject brine into meat for pickling or adding a water solution for tenderization. Suitable for beef, pork, poultry, fish, etc.

vacuum meat tumbler

Vacuum meat cup

The vacuum meat cup can massage and marinate meat in the rotating cup in vacuum state. Suitable for poultry, fish, pork and beef, etc.

Gazzard peeling machine

Gizzard peeling machine

The gizzard peeling machine is used for labor-saving and highly efficient peeling of the yellow skin of chicken and duck gizzard.

gizzard defatter

Gizzard remover

The gizzard degreaser can remove oil from chicken and duck gizzards for further processing. It is the essential equipment for the poultry slaughter line.

blast freezer

Blast freezer

The blast freezer is a type of freezer used primarily in the commercial sector to store and preserve food that needs to be frozen.

gas shawarma machine

Gas Shawarma Machine

The gas shawarma machine can be used at home, in the supermarket or at trade fairs. It can fry all kinds of meat.

membrane skinner

Membrane skinner

Membrane skinning involves removing the membrane and any associated tendons from the surface of the meat. Specially for beef, pork, veal, chicken, mutton, lamb and horse meat etc.

meat packing machine

meat packing machine

Automatic meat packing machines weigh, fill and seal meat in trays, bags or vacuum packs. The meat is loaded into a hopper and weighed into the correct portion size before packaging.

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